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Experience the Historic Charm of Camp Tonkawa Springs RV Park
In the 1800ís the 50 acres of Camp Tonkawa was in a land grant to a full blood Indian, as well as the 300 acres that surround it. In the early 1900ís Camp Tonkawa was called Acre Mill Pond. It was a grist mill and the spring powered the wheel. During this time period the Tucker family purchased the property and has owned it ever since.

In the 1930ís the Boy Scouts leased the land from Dr. Tucker and developed the natural rock walls around the spring. The work was done by the C.C.C. The Boy Scouts hired Jess Case as caretaker. He and others in the community made a living working for the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts were a major employer for the people in the community during this time.

When the Boy Scouts left during the 1960ís the Texas State Fox and Wolf Hunters leased the property for their hunts. Fox hounds were swapped, sold and bartered. The fox hunters left in the early 1970ís.

In the late 1980ís Ozarka Water Company leased the water rights on the property, moving out after a number of years. Then, for many years Camp Tonkawa sat vacant. The family found it impossible to keep people out of the water. People found the pond no matter what the family did to discourage trespassing. The lure of that cold, clear water was just too great! On June 1, 2001 Camp Tonkawa was reopened. The water is ice cold and so clean you can see the clear white sand bottom.

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